Development Assessment PanelsFrom 1st July 2011, certain Development Applications will no longer be reviewed by the Local Government or WA Planning Commission. Instead, your application may be reviewed by a LDAP or JDAP.

TBB can help guide you through the Application process. Begin by reading this brief overview, then give our team a call.

What is a DAP?

Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) are an initiative to streamline the planning approvals process in Western Australia. Each DAP comprises a mix of technical experts and local government representatives with the power to determine applications for development approvals. DAPs can determine approvals in place of the former decision-making authority. There are two different types of DAP:

•    LDAP – Local Development Assessment Panel – established to service a single, high-growth local government
•    JDAP – Joint Development Assessment Panel – established to service two or more smaller local governments

Cabinet has recently approved the appointment of 27 specialist members to various LDAPs and JDAPs; each comprises 5 members (3 specialist and 2 Local Government members) and became operational on 1 July 2011.

Is Your Project Affected?

Construction Value

Any Development Application which falls within the class prescribed and has a construction value of greater than $7million (or greater than $15 million in the City of Perth) lodged from 1st July 2011 date on will not be determined by the Local Government or the Western Australian Planning Commission, in the case where its delegation has been removed (i.e. in accordance with the WAPC’s notice of delegation under Clause 32.)

Opt-In for City of Perth Developers

There is also an optional ‘opt in’ for developers in the City of Perth where the construction value is between $10m & $15m and between $3m and $7m for the rest of State.

Excluded Projects

Specific development which is excluded from LDAP or JDAP determination are single houses, less than 10 grouped or multiple dwellings, sheds, outbuildings, carports and incidental development, any development within an improvement scheme or development being undertaken by local government or the WAPC.

Need advice?

We would be happy to discuss the implications of the LDAPs and JDAPS on your projects.  Please contact [email protected] should you wish to obtain more information in this regard.

More Information

Detailed information can be found at the Planning WA website and in WAPC’s Planning Bulletin 106/2011

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