Planners often struggle to prepare structure plans that are complete and consistent across industry and government. Inconsistency of form, content and layers results in confusion, project delays and poor assessment.

In an initiative to solve these problems, TBB has joined forces with other planners to help create Draft Structure Plan Preparation Guidelines.

Standardising Preparation and Assessment

The Guidelines provide assistance when preparing form and content, directing planners to reduce and standardise the layers of structure plans.

The Draft Guidelines also aim to provide clear direction for Government and Industry to assess structure plans with consistency.

Key Objectives

•    Ensure information provided within structure plans is appropriate to the scale and level of the plan;
•    Establish consistency in the format and content of structure plans throughout the state;
•    Provide clarity and consistency on statutory and non-statutory elements of structure plans;
•    Provide clear guidance to applicants, local government and the WAPC on the preparation of structure plans; and
•    Assist decision making authorities in assessing whether the structure plan has provided the required information.


The Draft Guidelines will ultimately be accompanied by the General Provisions of Local Planning Schemes Regulations (GPLPS Regulations). The Regulations will inform when a structure plan is required and outline the approval process for structure plans.

Digital Structure Plan Standards

In order to facilitate the guidance for preparation of structure plans, Structure Plan – Mapping (Digital Data) Standards allow for the standardisation of digital data for Structure Plans submitted to the Department.

Contact Taylor Burrell Barnett

TBB is part of a reference group providing on-going advice and feedback on the preparation of Draft Structure Plan Preparation Guidelines. Feel free to contact our team for further information.

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