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Mandurah Ocean Marina Named Best Marina In the World

12 Sep 2011

Mandurah Ocean Marina was recently announced winner of the 2011 Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award (MEDA), effectively naming it the best marina in the world.

Excellence in All 3 Judging Criteria

As the first ever Australian winner, the marina displayed excellence in three award criteria:

1.    Functionality
2.    Aesthetics
3.    Environment

TBB’s Contribution

TBB played a key role in meeting the three judging criteria by creating a premier and innovative development boasting tourist, marine, commercial and residential components for the local community, while maintaining strong links to existing cultural and Mandurah town centre precincts.

Mandurah Ocean Marina contains a ‘Venetian’ styled waterway system which includes:

•    Smaller more affordable waterfront lots to suit the Mandurah market.
•    An interconnected system of narrower waterways with continuous public pedestrian access to the waterfront.

Importantly, the development maximises both tourism and economic outcomes. The mix of land uses and public spaces has resulted in a strong employment and tourist hub.

More than a ‘Day Trip’

The Marina’s vibrant and cosmopolitan environment positions Mandurah as a desirable and fun destination, worthy of more than a day trip. Benefiting both residents and visitors, Mandurah Ocean Marina shines as an attractive tourism icon and world class marina facility within the Peel Region.

All Down to Teamwork

TBB attributes the marina’s success to the collaboration and close working relationship between the consultant team, the City of Mandurah, the Peel Development Commission and a number of key stakeholder groups. Taylor Burrell Barnett is proud to be part of this project and congratulates DevelopmentWA (previously Landcorp) for this prestigious award.

About the Jack Nichol Award

The purpose of the Award is to recognise excellence in the design of modern recreational boating facilities around the world. PIANC (the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure) created The Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award in 2002 in memory of the late John M. ‘Jack’ Nichol, an Honorary Member of PIANC and well-known marina designer.

More Information

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