Taylor Burrell Barnett

Shorehaven at Alkimos – Water Smart Design

12 Sep 2011

Shorehaven at Alkimos celebrates WA’s first EnviroDevelopment Leaf in the water category.

Leading Water Sensitive Design

Innovative water smart design and water sensitive future planning helped earn the EnviroDevelopment water accreditation. Stand out features include:

•    Public spaces designed to maximise water efficiency
•    Use of drought resistant plants from Perth's coastal plain
•    Extensive reuse of storm water to reticulate open spaces
•    A reduced number of expansive grassed areas, with sports ovals and recreation areas being planted with hardy grass varieties to conserve water
•    A "sustainability package" for homebuyers, including a 2,500-litre rainwater tank, a landscaping package with drought-tolerant plant options and low-water irrigation system, as well as a compost bin to encourage sustainable living.

Exceeding the 40% Water Saving Target

TBB congratulates Peet on Shorehaven’s UDIA Water Leaf. Peet received the EnviroDevelopment water accreditation after demonstrating Shorehaven would meet the UDIA’s target of a 40 per cent saving on standard water consumption within a residential community.

More Information

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