For eco-savvy home buyers, EnviroDevelopment leafs signify the opportunity for great lifestyle in an environmentally responsible land development.

For TBB and our fellow planners/developers, the leafs offer recognition of excellence, awarded to developments that set higher industry and community benchmarks for sustainable development.

How The Glades Earned 3 Leafs

Each leaf is awarded under strict scientifically assessed criteria. The Glades received certification for Ecosystems, Water and Community. Here’s how they did it.

Ecosystems – provision of more than 15% Public Open Space with the rehabilitation of existing natural waterways and the retention of a significant number of existing trees onsite;

Water – provision of rainwater tanks for every home site within the estate, water wise front landscaping packages and innovative stormwater drainage system facilitating in-train treatment; and

Community – organization of events for new local residents including monthly Art and Produce markets and three year agreement with the non-profit community art organization AWESOME Arts to provide access to art programs for young people in Byford.

Taylor Burrell Barnett’s Contribution

TBB’s extensive and comprehensive planning for The Glades urban design framework focused on:

  • Preserving, restoring and celebrating the key natural assets of the area.
  • Creating a highly connected and easily accessible estate.

Having worked with The Glades consultant team, including developers LWP Property Group, since the inception of the project in 2006, TBB is proud to see the success resulting from great teamwork.

Who Awards EnviroDevelopment Leafs?

The EnviroDevelopment Leafs are awarded by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) according to the criteria of their EnviroDevelopment program.

The EnviroDevelopment program is a scientifically based branding system. The leaf symbols make it easier for purchasers to identify and choose more environmentally sustainable land developments and consequently lifestyles.

A Bright Future – Key Facts

  • The Glades will be home to approximately 10,000 new residents in 3,500 new dwellings;
  • A pedestrian-orientated Village Centre, based around a traditional Main St, is to be developed overlooking a picturesque lake with shops, offices, cafes and a community facility; and
  • A new Primary School and a collocated Senior High School and Catholic K-12 School will be developed to service the new community.

More Information

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