Beyond Town Planning

Successful town planning requires more than good buildings and infrastructure. Community, culture and social attachment to place are just as important. TBB consciously creates these opportunities within every design.

Cultivating this holistic approach, we partner with organisations that contribute to people’s happiness, health and wellbeing. One such organisation is Womens Health and Family Services (WHFS).

Vital Support During Difficult Times

WHFS is a wonderful non-profit organisation working to improve the lives of Western Australian women and children in need. Their services are incredibly diverse and far reaching, serving many communities across Western Australia.

Averaging 60,000 contacts per year, WHFS is a fully integrated primary health care organisation. GP services, domestic violence support, drug and alcohol counselling, career guidance and lifestyle classes are just a few of the services offered. Many of the services are provided free to needy women and children, or at a reduced cost.

Overcoming Cultural Barriers

WHFS’s role in improving the livelihood of children and women from multicultural, CaLD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) and aboriginal backgrounds is critical. Specially designed programs and multi-lingual staff make it possible for people to overcome issues such as domestic violence and drug abuse despite cultural barriers. WHFS commonly helps:

  • Young women, especially those whose parents have not grown-up in Australia
  • Older ethnic women who have been in Australia a long time
  • Women who have experienced domestic violence.
  • Aboriginal mothers and children.

Regardless of ethnicity or heritage, WHFS creates opportunities for women to improve their own, their family’s and their community’s health and well being.

TBB’s Partnership with WHFS

TBB is honoured to partner with WHFS. We are inspired by their contribution to society and wish to support their vision in the long term. Commenting on the partnership, Ms Ann Deanus, CEO of WHFS, says the following:

“We are delighted to welcome Taylor Burrell Barnett (TBB) as Womens Health and Family Services major sponsors.  Our relationship is about far more than TBB’s much needed donation to the organization, it is a true partnership.  We have been so touched by the genuine interest that directors and staff of TBB have shown for the organization and the complex and often critical issues of those women and children using our services. On behalf of staff and service users of Womens Health and Family Services we are sincerely grateful for all that you have contributed. I look forward to our relationship growing.”

How You Can Get Involved

You too can embrace the vision of WHFS with ongoing financial support.  If you’d like to get to know them first, we encourage you to follow WHFS on Facebook. You’ll see news, events and community interaction.

To give you an idea, recent Facebook activity from WHFS has included:

•    Cooking Workshops
•    Fitness Training
•    Parenting Courses
•    Employment Opportunities

Where to Find WHFS

Thanks to Lotterywest Funding from the State Government, WHFS moved into purpose built facilities in May 2011. The offices are located in Northbridge where crèche facilities are available to clients.

227 Newcastle Street, Northbridge
Phone            (08) 9227 8122     or
Toll-Free                 1800 998 399       outside the Perth metropolitan area.

More Information

•    Click here to visit the Womens Health and Family Services Website.
•    Click here to visit Womens Health and Family Services Website on Facebook

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