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Port Coogee Wins 3 UDIA Awards for Excellence 2011

14 Dec 2011



Winning 3 UDIA Awards, Port Coogee was the most awarded project of the night!

At this year's UDIA Awards, Port Coogee won more awards than any other development. Port Coogee is just starting to hit its straps. TBB knew this would be an industry leader once it unfolded, and it is only just starting to emerge.

Marina Village Port Coogee's Coastal Jewel

The Marina Village is the centrepiece of the Port Coogee community. Located on the waterfront, the Marina Village will provide a vibrant, diverse and sustainable focal point for its community.

To realize this potential, the Marina Village requires a critical mass of activities including residential, retail, commercial, community and recreation. This mixed land use strategy will be contained within a high quality built environment and is intended to encourage activation of the Village throughout the day and evening.

The vision for the Marina Village is a contemporary residential seaside village experience, where pedestrians have priority over vehicular traffic and are provided with a broad range of conveniences and retail facilities in a marina environment, focussing on the waterfront and the public realm.

The Marina Village will be a genuine coastal ‘jewel’ for Cockburn – a superb facility for the people of Coogee and Cockburn and a great draw for visitors from beyond; a place in which to relax, socialize, wind, dine, ship, play, browse and soak up the special marina atmosphere and the beauty of the Western Australian coastal environment – all in an engaging village setting.

Imagine a Thriving Community and Coastal Playground

Australand's Port Coogee is one of Australia's largest coastal marina development projects, with an end value of nearly $2 Billion. It will ultimately consist of more than 810 house lots, approximately 1100 apartments, a 300 berth marina and a retail commercial tourism precinct of approx. 12,000 sqm.

Located within the City of Cockburn on the coast of Cockburn Sound, approximately 23km south-west of the Perth CBD and 5km south of Fremantle, Port Coogee will become a home for more than 4000-5000 people... a thriving, modern community set within a coastal playground.

The whole urban structure is a celebration of its natural amphitheatre setting. A site-responsive local road pattern envelopes and gravitates towards the centre stage that is the Marina Village centre. It's a prime coastal marina development with a vibrant residential community created around a mixed use waterfront destination.

Land Facts

The Marina Village component of Port Coogee occupies approximately 12 hectares of dry land, immediately adjacent the Marina. The total area of the Port Coogee development land is 85.99 ha, comprised as follows:

  • Dry Land: 45.24 ha
  • Water Area: 28.75 ha
  • Marina Village: 12.00 ha
  • Total: 85.99 ha

3 Prestigious Awards

Port Coogee is a development unique across Australia in its scale, history, nature and location. It's uniqueness earned the 3 prestigious UDIA awards.

  • Environmental Excellence
  • Residential Development over 250 Lots
  • Presidents Award

The awards recognise Port Coogee's outstanding urban design, which considers both the residential estate component and how this integrates into a mixed use commercial/residential/tourism marina area. It provides a focal point for community interaction, entertainment and employment previously unavailable.

We're Just Getting Started!

To gain this level of recognition on its first outing - when it is still very much a construction site and when the “jewel in the crown” Marina Village has yet to start - says much for its future. We look forward to celebrating many more accolades for this project over the next few years.

More Information

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