UDIA Judges Award winner for the second year running!

South Hedland New Living (SHNL) is an extremely meaningful (not to mention challenging) initiative, helping to rectify the social, economic and environmental problems resulting from a history of poor planning in the area. The ‘New Living’ project includes the creation of over 1,000 residential lots in addition to new homes, parks, streetscapes, roads and infrastructure

TBB’s Role

TBB has been the project’s planners since its inception in 2005. Development commenced with refurbishing existing deteriorated housing stock, creating new residential lots in a very short time frame to meet the demands of major resource projects in the region and to revitalise community facilities (local parks, footpaths, street lights, etc.)

Successful Outcomes

Despite South Hedland commonly being perceived as having high levels of anti-social behaviour, low amenity and poor quality of living, the Department of Housing, JAXON and the TBB team have managed to make substantial improvements to the town by:

  • Developing concepts for improving street amenity
  • Improving pedestrian movement networks
  • Making new road connections where possible
  • Making major improvements to passive surveillance over public assets
  • Reducing dominance of vehicles over community
  • Providing the local community with opportunities to take greater control and pride in their town

Rising Residential Values

Residential values in South Hedland are now among the highest in the region. We attribute this, at least in part, to the team’s delivery of approved and constructed subdivisions, road closures and rezonings to meet the time frames required.

New Facilities

A major new park, centrally located in the middle of South Hedland, is set to become a key attraction for residents and has been developed by the Town of Port Hedland and Department of Housing in partnership with other major corporate sponsors.

A Bright Future

Despite being one of Western Australia’s largest ever Urban Renewal schemes, SHNL might have struggled for recognition in Urban Renewal against better known metropolitan examples. To gain this UDIA accolade in 2011 is definitely punching well above its weight. TBB is extremely proud to be part of this achievement. We look forward to further contribution to the improvement in the fortunes of South Hedland, and the broader economy of the state.


More Information

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