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Taylor Burrell Barnett is currently a key member of LandCorp’s multi-disciplinary project team responsible for concept planning and development within Carnarvon to stimulate land investment and social and economic growth in the area.

Carnarvon Fascine Structure Plan

The Structure Plan has guided subdivision and development on land adjacent to the Fascine (Whitlock and Babbage Islands and Northwater) since the plan’s inception in 1994. Taylor Burrell Barnett has been responsible for implementing variations to the Structure Plan as part of the delivery of staged residential subdivision within Northwater.

Northwater Residential Estate

Northwater Estate, Carnarvon

Northwater Estate, Carnarvon (Image Source Landcorp)

Northwater Estate in Carnarvon has become a vibrant waterfront community within walking distance from the Carnarvon Town Centre. The estate provides canal frontage lots with direct boat access to the Carnarvon fascine and caters for private jetty facilities.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has been responsible for establishing a strategy for rezoning and subdivision and environmental approvals over the past 8 years. This has seen the release of 35 lots in Stage 1 and 35 lots in Stage 2.  A further 59 waterfront lots will be released as part of the Stage 3 Subdivision Application due to be lodged in early 2012.  Taylor Burrell Barnett has also been directly involved in the preparation of the Northwater Design Guidelines which have guide appropriate built form outcomes within the estate.

Carnarvon Boat Harbour Development

In 2007, at the request of the then Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Taylor Burrell Barnett undertook planning and feasibility assessment of possible development options for the Carnarvon Boat Harbour.

Phase 1 of the assessment involved the delivery of a series of concept plan options and, finally, the identification of a preferred Draft Carnarvon Boat Harbour Masterplan.  The key land use elements of the Draft Masterplan included a yacht Club/marina, residential – including waterfront lots and dry lot development, strategic resort/tourist accommodation, public open space with view corridors of Fascine, including water front parks, waterside public pedestrian access and compatible commercial/industrial enterprises with interface with residential development.

The final phase of the assessment focused upon clarifying the suitability of the site from an environmental, engineering and cost feasibility perspective.  During the final phase, in conjunction with the project team, Taylor Burrell Barnett provided guidance on the strategic and statutory planning framework in which the Masterplan could potentially develop.

Cornish Street – Industrial Land Release

LandCorp’s industrial programme has expanded to include Cornish Street South to assist business investment on light industrial land parcels within Carnarvon.  Taylor Burrell Barnett has been directly involved in understanding site issues prior to developing subdivision concepts including native title clearance, flood management, buffer requirements of the Bunbury to Dampier Natural Gas pipeline.  A subdivision application is due for lodgement in 2012 to facilitate the staged release of 15 industrial land parcels.

Did you know?
Taylor Burrell Barnett has been involved in Carnarvon since 1993 acting on behalf of LandCorp.

TBB in Carnarvon – Core Project Team

Shelley Bell leads TBB’s personnel for Carnarvon projects, being joined more recently by Jake Davidson, Associate Planner.

TBB in the Gascoyne – Other Projects

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