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Exmouth Structure PlanExmouth’s Townsite Structure Plan was developed with extensive community consultation.

As this article reveals, ‘Exmouth Visioning Workshops’ are just one way  TBB works within the Exmouth Community for better outcomes.

Exmouth Townsite Structure Plan

Taylor Burrell Barnett was responsible for the preparation of the Exmouth Townsite Structure Plan (2011) and took on the challenging task of coordinating key stakeholder consultation, community engagement, research and interpretation of relevant planning framework and structure plan design and implementation.

The plan aspired to deliver a framework for sustainable development having regard for Exmouth’s role as a sub-regional tourism and service centre, and the unique environmental and aesthetic fragility of the environment in which the townsite is situated.  In working towards this objective, a number of key issues were addressed by Taylor Burrell Barnett including flood mitigation, management of groundwater resources, subterranean fauna and karst formations, aboriginal heritage, expansion of the Exmouth Harbour, buffer requirement for waste water treatment plant, power station and strategic industrial areas, relocation of the waste water treatment plant onto Commonwealth Land, development of a strategy for town centre expansion, and the identification of tourist sites and residential expansion areas.

The plan formulation was based on extensive community consultation.  With the benefit of engaging in community consultation early in the Structure Plan review process, through the ‘Exmouth Visioning Workshop’, Taylor Burrell Barnett incorporated the structural elements of the workshop outcome plans into the draft plan. This enabled the plan to be informed about local planning issues that were of importance to the community and, where possible, these community outcomes were detailed as ‘development initiatives’ and Action Statements within the Structure Plan.

The Exmouth Structure Plan was finalised in 2011 and will now inform the preparation of the Shire’s Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme review process.

Core Team Members

Shelley Bell as lead personnel and Mark Bancroft – Urban Design.

Exmouth Marina Village

Exmouth Marina FootbridgeOn behalf of LandCorp, Taylor Burrell Barnett has been responsible for project planning for Exmouth’s only waterfront development – the Exmouth Marina Village.

Specifically, the Exmouth Marina Village Outline Development Plan (ODP) was prepared on behalf of the Exmouth Development Steering Committee to facilitate a marina village consisting of tourist, residential, commercial and marine based industrial development around the existing boat harbour.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has also been responsible for super lot subdivision applications to facilitate the release of strategic land parcels.

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