TBB in the North West

(Images Courtesy Pindan www.nickolkarratha.com.au)

When leading WA property and construction group Pindan saw an urgent need for increased housing in their Nickol West estate, they engaged Taylor Burrell Barnett’s services.

In a two pronged approach, TBB began a formal review of Phase 2 of the 2006 Nickol West Development Plan while simultaneously managing a subdivision strategy that encompassed an immediate stage of residential development.

Key Objectives of the Revised Development Plan

  • improvements to the efficiency of readily serviceable urban land and
  • creation of a wider variety of housing product in an area of recognised and urgent need.

The Result – Increased Yield to 330 Dwellings

nickol west estate karratha

(Images Courtesy Pindan www.nickolkarratha.com.au)

Within 12 months of Commission, TBB has obtained Shire Approval and WAPC endorsement to a Revised Development Plan that increased the resultant development yield to around 330 dwellings, inclusive of:

  • 6 x ‘R30’ coded Grouped Housing sites and
  • 1 x ‘R60’ coded Multiple Dwelling complex

This outcome greatly enhances the residential offering of the area while sensitively blending into the urban fabric of the locality.

TBB’s Early Win Fast-tracks Development

Concurrent with the Development Plan review process, TBB obtained three separate subdivision approvals. The first approval, obtained in November 2011 constituted an important early win to the project, facilitating swift implementation and the commencement of ground breaking works within a remarkably short timeframe.

Together, the 3 approvals cover a cumulative 4 stages of development over the total landholding.

Core Project Team

Ben De Marchi – Lead Designer

David Reynolds – Associate Planner


More Information

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