Taylor Burrell Barnett StaffMark Bancroft Associate Taylor Burrell BarnettMark Bancroft’s broad experience encompasses both Planning and Design, proving these two elements are not, and should not be, mutually exclusive!

Read along as Mark reveals how a passion for design advanced his career from humble origins as a junior draftsman to his valued role as an Associate at Taylor Burrell Barnett.

Mark Bancroft – Associate

Mark’s Key Role in Port Coogee’s Award-Winning Success

Mark has been instrumental in Taylor Burrell Barnett’s standout success at Port Coogee. His Urban Design contribution to the project is ongoing and has extended from initial concept, through to implementation. Mark’s daily attention, constant guidance and advice ensures the vision for Port Coogee as a “unique coastal destination” will be fulfilled.

Without doubt, Mark’s collaboration in creating Port Coogee’s innovative Built Form Codes has helped Taylor Burrell Barnett leave a lasting legacy, not only creating a beautiful marina on Perth’s coastline, but also new industry Codes that will influence future developments across Australia.

Mark Bancroft is an Associate at Taylor Burrell Barnett with eight years private practice experience in the capacity as a Town Planner and Urban Designer.  Prior to this, Mark fulfilled a Drafting Manager’s role for some nine years.  Mark is involved in some of Taylor Burrell Barnett’s premiere projects, where he offers statutory and strategic planning guidance, merged with his Project Designer role.  This desirable blend of knowledge and experience makes Mark a valuable asset and core member of Taylor Burrell Barnett.

Becoming a Planner/Designer

My career path has been both varied and rewarding. Whilst always focussed on design, I’ve been fortunate to gain experience in an array of disciplines.  My original tertiary qualifications in Graphic Design introduced me to freelance illustration and cell animation, both creatively inspiring but unfortunately not reliable income streams.  Through necessity, I revisited my technical drawing talents from High School days and supplemented my animation work with freelance drafting.  When my contract manager offered a full time career opportunity at a Perth Town Planning firm who were looking for a finished artist with drafting skills, it all seemed too good to be true.

I was employed, and what eventuated was my introduction to a very interesting, challenging and satisfying career. And it all started from humble beginnings as a junior draftsman.  Realising this profession offers opportunities to create lasting legacies and aspirations for future generations, I soon initiated post graduate studies in both Town Planning and Urban Design, in which I am currently finalising my Masters Degree.

Seeking Challenge and Variety

My passion for design and community planning has been unwavering since these early days. I’ve been fortunate to indulge this passion, enjoying the opportunity to work within Taylor Burrell Barnett’s respected team on a variety of exceptional projects.

An appetite for broad experience has led to involvement in both Metropolitan and regionally located projects, undertaking tasks such as structure planning, subdivision design, community consultation, and enquiry by design workshops, built form codes and design guidelines documentation.  These tasks require a diverse level of macro and micro planning control which necessitates careful assessment of design and statutory roles.

This array of challenging tasks help to constantly develop my skill set with valuable and relevant information, which then enables me to present a strong legacy for our clients new communities.

Mark’s Role at Taylor Burrell Barnett

Thanks to TBB’s very diverse project base, I am presented with excellent opportunities to fulfil my passion for developing new communities, endowing them with distinct design character.   The majority of my current projects are situated in the Metropolitan and Peel Region; however my regional experience is maintained through internal consultation and review processes.

One such major Metropolitan project is Port Coogee Estate for Australand, for which I provide a key design role. This role includes such elements as subdivision design, design recommendation on innovative multiple dwelling developments, collaboration on Marina Village Built Form Codes,  and the preparation and ongoing development of estate Detailed Area Plans. These specific tasks, along with ongoing day to day design advice, provide me with the opportunity to contribute towards maintaining the Estate vision of development cohesiveness and exemplary outcomes for the growing community of North Coogee.

Together with other projects, Port Coogee continues to require a variety of challenging planning and design solutions, offering daily opportunity to fulfil my career objectives and do what I love to do. At Taylor Burrell Barnett, we are privileged to positively impact the way people live. It is professionally deeply rewarding to know I can improve people’s lifestyles today and into the future.

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