Taylor Burrell Barnett StaffShelley Bell - Senior Associate Taylor Burrell BarnettShelley Bell is one of the fortunate few to have been mentored by Russell Taylor and educated by his antics and has had the privilege of working alongside Bill Burrell whom has remained a guiding influence.

Read along as Shelley shares her career stepping stones from holiday work experience to her valued position as Senior Associate with TBB.

Shelley Bell – Senior Associate

Shelley is currently a Senior Associate at Taylor Burrell Barnett having 23 years experience in private practice.  Shelley graduated from Curtin Uni in 1984 having completed both a Bachelor of Arts (Urban and Regional Studies)  and Post Graduate Diploma in Urban and Region Planning.  Holiday work experience at the then firm of Russell Taylor and William Burrell, allowed the rent to be paid and occasionally the car to be filled with petrol which then led to full time work upon Graduation.

Shelley is one of the fortunate few to have been mentored by Russell Taylor and educated by his antics and has had the privilege of working alongside Bill Burrell whom has remained a guiding influence.   As a young planner, apart from being responsible for washing the dishes each day, her first planning responsibilities included working directly with Russell in the normalisation of the Hamersley Iron towns of Newman, Goldsworthy and Tom Price which meant weeks in the north-west in ‘interesting’ accommodation.  Time spent up north moulded her interest in regional and rural planning throughout the state which has more recently expanded to large scale urban structure plans and residential estates, statutory approvals,  project management and coordination.

In the mid-80’s Shelley took on a position in Canberra for 15 months assisting the National Capital Development Commission to develop the new town of Gungahlin whilst still employed by Taylor and Burrell (pre-Barnett days).  The experience was invaluable and she returned to Perth as an Associate of Taylor and Burrell moving from Clive Street, West Perth premises to Roberts Road, Subiaco.   Shelley continued working full-time with the firm until resigning in 1992 to take up full time family duties and to experience other professional challenges.  She was enticed back to part time work in the planning profession in 2003 at the now firm of Taylor Burrell Barnett due to an unexpected discussion with Bill Burrell on the golf course.  Part time capacity has now given way to full time involvement in working life at TBB, eventually accepting a Senior Associate position in 2010 that is juggled with family and life commitments.

Professional Ethos, Values and Vision

My professional ethos, values and vision have been developed over a period of over  twenty years in private practice. Over that time, I have developed an understanding that the physical and built form environment matters a great deal in developing ‘sense of place’ – a theme that fellow planners need to factor into land use decision-making without compromise. I have a passionate, overriding belief that the quality of the environment in which people live underpins both a community and individual’s level of satisfaction and attachment to a place. Interconnected with this belief is my knowledge and understanding that sound design and project based planning outcomes should strive to elevate and be inclusive of a corresponding community benefit.  This theme has driven my approach to planning communities, solving issues, managing project teams and upwardly developing an extensive skill set, all of which contribute to my enjoyment in the workplace.

Life Outside TBB

It is always a challenge for me to find an acceptable balance between work and home life. I have a passion for sport, in particular golf having played State for a number of years and I am a long standing member of RPGC alongside my better half.  I currently maintain a 7 handicap although playing on a very part time basis these days due to (surprise, surprise) the rigors of servicing the TBB Clients.  Weekends are taken up watching sport (mother of two teenage boys) and running a farming property (1000ha) with my sisters, undertaking revegetation and fencing of the property’s waterways (thanks to recent Department of Water grant monies), cleaning the South Perth abode, enjoying the odd bit of gardening when home and generally recovering from the working week over a shared glass of wine.

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