WHFS Outdoor Kitchen

WHFS Outdoor Kitchen

TBB’s financial support for the Womens Health and Family Services has been put to good use, establishing a new outdoor kitchen at their Northbridge facility.

The kitchen was officially opened late last year, and TBB’s Managing Director, Lex Barnett was given the honour of cutting the ribbon.

The facility has proven to be a highly successful addition to the facility, and is being very well utilised by a variety of groups within the WHFS system.

The WHFS continues to be a major focus for TBB’s community support efforts. We continue to be highly impressed by the breadth and depth of the community support services offered by the WHFS, both in the city and regionally, and we would encourage all of our colleagues in the private sector to consider contributing to this very worthwhile service. If you are interested please visit www.whfs.org.au

Outdoor Kitchen Opening – Photo Gallery

Where to Find WHFS

WHFS Web LinkWHFS offices are located in Northbridge where crèche facilities are available to clients:

227 Newcastle Street, Northbridge
Phone            (08) 9227 8122     or
Toll-Free        1800 998 399 (outside the Perth metropolitan area)

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