28 Mar 2014

Working closely with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and the Department of Planning, Taylor Burrell Barnett has provided for the timely preparation and approval of the first stage of subdivision at The Brook at Byford.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has been the lead consultants in the planning and design for the development of this site, located at the intersection of Beenyup Road and South Western Highway, since 2007. The land comprises approximately 32 hectares of vacant, disused pasture land, surrounded by predominantly low density residential development, opposite the Byford town centre.

The subject land is colloquially known as ‘the Kangaroo Paddock’, and much of its character can be attributed to its location east of South Western Highway, at the foot of the Darling Range Regional Park. The Multiple Use Corridor running east-west through the site is proposed to express the Beenyup Brook as a major place-defining element. The conservation of representative landscape types present at the site within a 3 hectare conservation area will contribute to the sense of place of the development.

A Structure Plan was prepared by Taylor Burrell Barnett and endorsed by the WAPC in 2011 which provided for the land to be used for a mix of uses, including Residential, Park Home and Aged Care/Retirement Village, consistent with the previous landowner’s development intentions, at that time. Subdivision approval was granted in accordance with the Structure Plan, however, in response to market demand and the purchase of the land by Cedar Woods in 2013, a revised Stage 1 subdivision plan and Structure Plan were prepared. Approval for the revised plan was granted in June 2013, with site works currently underway and marketing commencing for the pre-selling of lots.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has worked closely with Cedar Woods, the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and the Department of Planning in an effort to develop a plan which meets the expectations of the client, approval authorities and the local community. This has enabled the timely approval of the revised Stage 1 subdivision plan, keeping in line with the client’s timeframes and expectations.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has also finalised a Revised Local Structure Plan for the site, which reflects the intentions to develop the site for predominantly residential purposes and, once adopted, will provide for future stages to be subdivided and offered for sale, consistent with the Masterplan for the site.

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