Taylor Burrell Barnett

Perth Airport Master Plan and Airport Rail Link

11 Sep 2014

Taylor Burrell Barnett’s ongoing work in the Perth Airport-Redcliffe area has been in focus recently with two major announcements.  Perth Airport Pty Ltd, the operator of Perth Airport, has released its Preliminary Draft Master Plan 2014 for public comment, detailing the proposed future development of the airport. TBB has had the privilege of undertaking a significant amount of design and planning for the airport estate to inform and illustrate the Master Plan vision.

Additionally, the State Government recently confirmed the Perth-Airport rail link will go ahead, with work to commence in 2016. The link will connect Redcliffe and the Airport into the existing Metropolitan Rail system.

Having recently completed a Vision Plan and Implementation Strategy for Development Area 6 (DA6) in Redcliffe, which is situated on the proposed rail link, Taylor Burrell Barnett welcomes the announcement as a significant step forward for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Perth.

The Visioning exercise for the DA6 redevelopment opportunity was facilitated by TBB with considerable input from the local community and stakeholders. The completed Vision Plan for DA6 has now been adopted by the City of Belmont as a Local Planning Policy, articulating their requirements for any future development in the area.

Perth Airport’s release of its new draft master plan sets the scene for a significant investment in airport infrastructure over the next two decades . The plans for the new consolidated terminal and the rail link to the centre of the Airport highlights the potential for synergies between the airport and DA6 in terms of employment and facilities. These synergies also extend beyond Redcliffe and DA6, as the proposed rail corridor continues further east, connecting the airport to Forrestfield.

TBB is pleased to have been able to provide creative thinking and planning and design guidance to the Perth Airport Master Plan and to the DA6 vision, and look forward to the next stages of these exciting, transformational projects.

TBB's DA6 Team

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