Scarborough Beach Road West

Scarborough Beach Road West [Click to Enlarge]

Taylor Burrell Barnett has been working closely with the City of Stirling, the local community and stakeholders on two major projects which focus on redevelopment along the Scarborough Beach Road from Harborne Street to the edge of the Scarborough redevelopment area.

A Light Rail, Transit Oriented Development

The catalyst for these projects is the State Government’s proposal for a future light rail link along the highway to connect the Scarborough Beach with Stirling City Centre and potentially Perth CBD.

TBB has prepared vision plans, draft structure plans and detailed area plans in consultation with local residents and businesses. The plans allow for additional residential and mixed use development to support the light rail and to create an enhanced and sustainable public realm.

Community Open Days

The draft plans for Scarborough Beach Road West were recently the focus of a Community Open Day facilitated by TBB and the City. The community was given the opportunity to freely view the plans, ask questions and get a greater understanding of the potential for new development.

A similar exercise was conducted earlier this year for Herdsman-Glendalough with great success. Ultimately, the plans associated with both the Scarborough Beach Road West and Herdsman-Glendalough studies will be advertised formally and, once all the community’s submissions have been considered, the plans and development controls will be adopted by Council.

TBB is proud to be associated with these leading urban regeneration projects which herald a new phase in the evolution of the City of Stirling as a major hub of community, business and innovation.


TBB’s Project Team

Herdsman-Glendalough and Scarborough Beach Road West:

  • Ben De Marchi – Urban Design
  • Karen Hyde – Project Coordinator and Planner
  • Ben Karsakis – Senior Planner/Urban Design


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