Development Area 6

Development Area 6

Development Area 6

Taylor Burrell Barnett was commissioned in 2013 by the City of Belmont and Perth Airport Pty Ltd to prepare a Vision and Implementation Plan for Development Area 6 (DA6). DA6 incorporates landholdings bound by Great Eastern Highway, Tonkin Highway, and the Perth Airport, within the suburb of Redcliffe.

The Vision project has been subject to ongoing community involvement through a range of engagement processes. The Vision was prepared in concert with two community workshops in May 2013, and the Plan and a supporting local planning policy were advertised in late 2013. With community feedback, the Vision was refined and further work undertaken to test transport and traffic matters.

The refined Vision Plan was subject to a Community Open Day in March 2015, with the use of information boards placed for telling the story of the Vision, the key characteristics of the Vision Plan and the process of moving from Vision to reality. Overall, approximately 200 community members attended and were able to provide feedback to the City of Belmont in the process. This was considered to be highly successful community engagement outcome, and reflects the significant community interest in the project. The City of Belmont has also engaged the assistance of a Community Reference Group to provide input on community values and place making opportunities.

The Vision Plan seeks to deliver a mixed use community node around the future train station, providing local employment, convenience retail and housing options within walking distance to the station. The Plan encourages the effective integration between aviation, commercial and residential land use that has regard to the current and future context of the area. To assist with the Vision Plan it was important to ensure the philosophies of good design and place-making were adopted to take advantage of the public transport opportunities and to create an appealing, re-energised neighbourhood for residents and visitors.

This project is timely as the State Government has announced the Forrestfield-Airport Link project. The State Government project includes the development of a new train station within the DA6, with the undergrounding of rail to avoid dissection of the community. Such an important and expensive infrastructure asset such as the underground rail and new station act as a strong catalyst for redevelopment of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The value capture of the Vision Plan will ensure that the transformation of the area will ensure the area is an exemplar of transit oriented development within an established inner city area of the Perth metropolitan area.

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