An exciting milestone for DevelopmentWA’s Ocean Reef Marina project has been achieved, with the two marina breakwaters now underway.

Our team have been working with DevelopmentWA on the Ocean Reef Marina project for several years. This includes approvals for the latest milestone project – the marina breakwaters. The breakwaters are the highest value construction component of the whole project ($62m), stimulating economic opportunity and jobs, and facilitating construction of land components.

The key function of breakwaters is to protect the internal marina infrastructure. The 2km long breakwaters are being constructed with locally sourced limestone and granite. Approval for the breakwaters to proceed was granted in April  2020 by the Metro North-West Joint Development Assessment Panel. In preparation for the approval, the design for the breakwaters was heavily interrogated, tested and refined with the Department of Transport’s marine business unit.

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Photo: Ocean Reef Marina, start of rock wall construction. 13/4/21. Photo courtesy of Development WA.