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Healthy Streets founder Lucy Saunders visits Perth


Eric Denholm

18 Nov 2022

TBB was delighted to cement our role as advocates of the Healthy Streets approach with a week full of Healthy Streets activities.

Our team had the absolute privilege of rubbing shoulders with the Healthy Streets founder, Lucy Saunders FFPH, all the way from UK.

First touted in London by health and urban expert Lucy Saunders, the Approach reorientates design to focus on the human experience and the design elements that most notably increase the quality of our streets. At TBB our team are leading the charge in bringing Healthy Streets to WA with Eric Denholm and Michael Willcock both accredited practitioners and Eric as a member of the
National Working Group member, Healthy Streets Design Check Tool (Australian version).

The Healthy Streets in Perth week included:

  • a TBB Talks session for our Clients, co-consultants, and local government Officers on Monday;
  • a Design Check Workshop in Cottesloe;
  • a Healthy Streets crash course for our wider TBB team on the Tuesday;
  • a roundtable Healthy Streets workshop with industry leaders at our office on Wednesday;
  • a radio interview by Eric and Lucy with Geoff Hutchinson on ABC Drive (listen here);
  • a Design Check and Ideas Workshop for Maylands town centre on Thursday; and
  • finishing up the week with hosting Lucy’s Training for Designers in our Office on Friday.

Big thank you to TBB's Eric Denholm, and our good friend Tim Judd at PJA for coordinating much of the week. And of course, thank you to Lucy Saunders for the amazing week and willingly imparting so much knowledge and experience to the Team and the industry at large.

So much interest in Healthy Streets for WA is building as both industry and community are beginning to notice our streets need a better framework to ensure they serve our basic needs


Eric Denholm