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Transit Precincts: Perth, Get Onboard


Karen Hyde

30 May 2023

Transit oriented developments (TODs) aim to deliver walkable communities around transport nodes to promote sustainable urban growth.

In this report commissioned by Property Council WA, TBB has teamed up with SMEC to investigate the potential for TODs around Perth train stations.

It builds on our understanding of the principles of successful TODs – recognising that METRONET may provide long-term opportunities, but that there are more suitable options now. The report includes:

  • TOD Priority Locations (where TODs could work now)
  • Key Recommendations
  • Principles of Successful TODs
  • Best Practice Case Studies
  • Planning Frameworks for TODs
  • What the Industry Told Us (Engagement approach & key responses)
  • An Industry Wide Call-to-Action

Download the PDF Report here

Despite extensive thought leadership. Perth has not progressed far down the path of delivering genuine Transit Oriented Developments, otherwise known as TODs.


Thank you to our report authors & designers as well as the wider research team:

Taylor Burrell Barnett

Karen Hyde

Lex Barnett

Michael Willcock

Jeremy Versaico

Sinta Price

Joanne Tanzi


Steven Piotrowski

Louise Round