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Places we love


Sinta Price
Senior Graphic Designer

01 Sep 2023

Explore the ‘places we love’ with TBBers as we show you our favourite places around Perth and WA.

Optus Stadium with Sinta Price

Our highly talented senior graphic designer Sinta Price is a mum to 3 active, sports loving boys so naturally she spends plenty of time at Optus Stadium. In our latest "Places We Love" Sinta shares some insight into why she (and thousands of others) love this world class sporting facility.

Scarborough Foreshore with Mark Elliss

Urban designer Mark Elliss loves to spend time at Scarborough foreshore with his family during his free time. In our latest "Places We Love" Mark shares photos and videos of this creative, gritty and soulful place and reflects on TBB's journey in helping to create this place.

Bay View Terrace with Jesse Dunbar

This time Jesse Dunbar takes you on a tour of her local favourite, Bay View Terrace in Claremont. This Places We Love is particularly special as TBB has been helping to shape communities in Claremont for over 20 years. Explore the Claremont Town Centre project here

Lathlain Precinct with Jo Tanzi

Over the past few years this area in Lathlain has been transformed due to the Town of Victoria Parks’ $70 million revitalisation project.


Mindeerup with Jeremy Versaico

Jeremy Versaico, Consultant, takes a walk around Mindeerup (Min-dee-up) near Mends Street Jetty in South Perth. Mindeerup links the foreshore with Perth CBD, Perth Zoo and greater South Perth.


Sinta Price
Senior Graphic Designer