Taylor Burrell Barnett

A resort lifestyle for workers and visitors to Exmouth


Lex Barnett
Practice Fellow

19 Oct 2023

The Town of Exmouth received a welcome boost to its housing stock, with the recent completion of a high quality resort-style medium density development on the Exmouth Marina.

Taylor Burrell Barnett was pleased to be part of the project team led by Celsius and Fowler Group in creating this stunning addition to the Marina community.

The Shire of Exmouth has experienced considerable pressures on accommodation in recent times, not only for tourists but also for the important workers needed to support the many business enterprises in the town.

A recent medium density project delivered by Celsius Developments in partnership with the Fowler Group has provided a much-needed boost to housing in Exmouth – a resort-style development of 24 grouped and multiple units. Plus Architecture has produced a stunning design that responds to the local climate and varied accommodation needs.

TBB was proud to have been part of the project team, preparing the Development Application, undertaking compliance assessments and negotiating specific design aspects with the Shire, and formally presenting the proposal to the Shire.

“As the planners who were intricately involved in the original planning for the Exmouth Marina, we are excited to see projects like this now starting to deliver some high quality and diverse living options in line with the Marina’s original vision” said Lex Barnett, Practice Fellow with TBB.

Celsius and Fowler Group have shown great courage and leadership in bringing a quality project like this to Exmouth during some of the most challenging times in the construction and real estate markets and have delivered a great outcome for Exmouth.

The project was made particularly challenging by the need to deliver the first stage in time to meet the requirements of a local business who had committed to leasing the first stage units for its workers. This needed the design and preparation of the development application to be fast tracked, and a smooth navigation of the approval processes; as well as a trouble-free construction program which was successfully delivered in partnership with local builders DLR Building Co. This was a major challenge, considering the many problems plaguing the construction sector at the time, including trade and material shortages impacting statewide.

Photos courtesy of Plus Architecture


Lex Barnett
Practice Fellow