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New promotions announced


Joanne Tanzi
General Manager

02 Oct 2023

Taylor Burrell Barnett is proud to recognise its highly valued team members with a number of promotions announced this month.

This round of promotions includes Trent Will appointed to a Principal, Michael Willcock and Mark Elliss promoted to Senior Associate, James McCallum promoted to Associate, and Gemma Maughan taking on the role of People & Culture Lead.

At Taylor Burrell Barnett, we know that the people make a place, and our people are truly our greatest asset. These promotions underscore our dedication to nurturing and empowering our team members to reach their full potential while contributing to the company's continued success.

Trent Will appointed to a Principal

Since joining TBB in 2021, Trent has contributed significantly to growth in built form development and his promotion to Principal is a testament to his highly valued leadership role in the company. Along with becoming a Principal, Trent will also become an Executive Team member empowering him to contribute to delivering strategic priorities, fostering growth and excellence.

Michael Willcock promoted to Senior Associate

Michael Willcock's journey at TBB since 2010 has seen his contributions extend to delivering outstanding client service on an extensive range of projects, mentoring junior team members and presenting at various industry events. His promotion to Senior Associate recognises his substantial contributions and his ability to lead projects that deliver lasting value to clients and communities.

Mark Elliss promoted to Senior Associate

Mark joined our team as a junior draftsperson in 1998 and since then has evolved into the highly capable urban designer and town planner that he is today (achieving a postgraduate diploma along the way). Aside from his excellent design skills and dedication to delivering great client experiences, Mark has also taken on a leadership role in the design team and runs the highly anticipated footy tipping comp each year. Mark truly is instrumental to TBB and we are so pleased to congratulate him on this well deserved achievement.

James McCallum promoted to Associate

James’ excellent contribution to key projects including Ocean Reef Marina & Beaconsfield, his calm & consistent nature, and positive client feedback were some of many contributing factors to James’ promotion decision.

Gemma Maughan championing People & Culture

Gemma Maughan's promotion to People & Culture Lead reflects her commitment to nurturing a positive and inclusive workplace culture. With a strong focus on employee well-being, professional development, and creating a great working environment, Gemma will continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring our team members thrive both personally and professionally. Her dedication to our people's growth and happiness is highly valued.

These promotions reflect the outstanding talent within our company, and we're absolutely delighted to recognise the achievements of Trent, Michael, Mark, James and Gemma. While it's always a source of excitement to witness promotions within our team, we also wanted to highlight the exceptional level of dedication and growth across the wider team which has been remarkable to witness.

In a year with leadership transitions and plenty of planning reforms and changes, our team has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional client experiences and a relentless drive for continuous improvement in our work processes.

At TBB, our commitment to nurturing talent, supporting professional growth, and creating opportunities for career advancement is a key priority. We actively empower our team members through a culture of ongoing learning, upskilling and training, mentorship programs, opportunities for industry involvement, and pathways for career progression. Our dedication to continuous learning and innovation is at the very heart of our company culture, ensuring that every member of our team possesses the tools they need to thrive in their respective roles.

Together, we remain dedicated to shaping vibrant, sustainable, and thriving communities that will endure for generations to come.

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Joanne Tanzi
General Manager