Taylor Burrell Barnett

2023 Wrapped – our year of change


Samantha Thompson
Managing Director

18 Dec 2023

Spotify is doing it, so why not TBB? Let’s look at our 2023 Wrapped. TBB’s new Managing Director provides some insights into TBB’s year in review, what’s been happening in the wider industry, and some thoughts on the year ahead.

Professionally, and personally, 2023 has been a bit of a game-changer. I stepped into the role of Managing Director of Taylor Burrell Barnett in July, taking over the reins from Lex Barnett who is settling into his new Practice Fellow role. This has been both exciting and challenging. Above all, in a year that has seen over 180 new projects kick off, and 6 new team members come on board (not to mention 6 internal promotions), it has certainly been busy.

Over the past few years, TBB has been examining all aspects of our business. From the client experience to our operational procedures, team structure, and how we recognise and reward, we are currently in an exciting period of enhancing our business. This transformation has been motivated by exploring how we can enhance our clients’ satisfaction by harnessing the extensive breadth and depth of experience across our planners and designers. We were delighted to acknowledge the growth of skills and qualities of leadership among our team members, resulting in numerous promotions this year.

I am privileged to be leading a business that has thrived for over 53 years now. Alongside our wider leadership team, I am committed to extending this legacy by ensuring that TBB remains a leader and innovator in our industry.

Our dedication to this has been demonstrated through our collaboration with clients on projects like Ocean Reef Marina which we first began work on in 2001. Over 20 years in the making and last month our team had the opportunity to visit the site last month view and witness the ongoing construction, while also receiving a recap of the project from Carl Williams DevelopmentWA. We have also been expanding our project portfolio with exciting renewable projects, and this year has seen a remarkable growth of over 30% in our built form project portfolio.

Our infographic for our 2023 Wrapped provides a visual journey through the highlights and milestones that have defined our year as we've been #shapingWA - take a look here.

Taking a broader view across our industry, there have been some significant strides this year through the planning reforms introduced by the Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2023. However, it is important to note that we have also seen some unexpected shifts in the policy reform space. For instance, the implementation of the medium-density housing code has been delayed, and we eagerly await an update on the outcome of this review. There have also been revisions to the legislation concerning Aboriginal cultural heritage laws, and we look forward to a pragmatic approach to finalisation of the Public Open Space Policy in the new year.

Our team has done a great job keeping our clients informed of the changes and any impact to their projects, including with our TBB Reacts posts – check out the posts on the most recent planning reforms and Public Open Space Operational Policy.

We are equally engaged with our advocacy efforts via committees across UDIA WA, Property Council WA, and PIA WA among others, expanding our participation even more in 2024.

Looking ahead to 2024 our industry will continue to be challenged by the ongoing housing crisis. Working alongside our clients, we are focused on assisting our clients to achieve, good-quality housing outcomes to support our growing communities.

On a closing note, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the TBB Team, our amazing clients, and consultant partners for supporting us through this year. I am genuinely excited about resuming the new year after a short break and continuing the team's great work in 2024. I eagerly look forward to exploring the opportunities that await us in the upcoming year.


Samantha Thompson
Managing Director