We’re having the collective conversations that shape Western Australia

Perth City Link - Milligan Plaza Looking South

Our Vision

We lead Urban Growth and Infill conversations within industry and the community to shape exceptional places in WA and beyond.

Our Purpose

We shape exceptional places where communities prosper and people belong.

In 1969, Taylor Burrell Barnett was founded on the premise of putting footprints on places which would become an integral part of WA’s growth story.

Almost 50 years on, we’ve had a hand in many of WA’s most recognisable developments, and in the process cemented a valued custodial relationship with our state. We continue to drive successful Urban Growth projects, with a deep understanding of our unique part of the world and a progressive, sustainable approach to planning.

A newer focus on Urban Infill development today sees us leading collective conversations that shape WA’s built landscape in a rapidly shifting market.

Our legacy is one of continuing development of community and place creation through collaborative and innovative Town Planning.

The planning needs of our state have shifted focus from extensive Urban Growth towards more adaptive projects with people firmly front-of-mind. Taylor Burrell Barnett is responding to this change, leading conversations which facilitate a strategic shift in planning.

With our extensive network and strong industry relationships, we provide the link between clients and key decision makers right through the development process.

We look to international best practice examples for influence and inspiration. We’re agile and think outside the box, taking successful and sustainable elements of growth and renewal projects abroad and applying these to the needs of the WA landscape.

We get things done through collective expertise.

We’re not about flashy tactics or vague, dreamy statements. Instead, we get people talking to people in an exciting, collaborative environment, solving problems and delivering outcomes which get successful projects over the line.

It’s the people who make a place, so we work with the most imaginative and pioneering experts in the industry. The places we shape together are truly exceptional.

We thrive on forward thinking co-creation, and are known for our ability to lead conversations and build relationships.

Our people are outstanding multidisciplinary problem solvers. We don’t just react when issues arise – we look ahead and find thoughtful, creative solutions which make sense aesthetically and commercially.

We’re a genuine, energetic, progressive bunch, and we love that our work contributes to inspired environments where communities prosper and thrive.

Our clients and project partners love us for our whole-project leadership approach and responsive solutions.

We understand projects must be not just commercially viable. They should be well considered, sustainable and practical too.

We’re obsessed with creating plans which turn into communities and places, not just developments.

We have a firmly established reputation with enviable collective experience and industry connections, and a proactive approach to leading conversations means we remain at the top of our field.

Every project which comes to us is treated as a collective conversation, one in which we guide the people involved to achieve innovative, progressive outcomes which shape WA in a way future generations will be proud to become part of.