Office culture can be a powerful force. We believe there is a relationship between a socially cohesive team and strong corporate performance.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has long fostered an office culture that is founded on mutual respect and loyalty that is earned, rather than demanded.

We love our work. We work hard, share knowledge, support each other and even find time to laugh together. We know not only what we should do, we know why we do it.

We’re inspired. Planning gives us the capacity to influence the quality of our community; a responsibility we’re honoured to carry. Professional development, inquisitiveness and creativity are encouraged, aspirations are nurtured and everyone’s opinion counts.

Our employment enhances our lifestyle. Personal needs are supported; family needs are met. There are opportunities for staff to get together simply for fun. Our partners (and sometimes the kids too!) are included at social events. There is a successful blend between professionalism, friendship and fun.

We excel. Our projects win awards. We strive to exceed client expectations and seek to be thought leaders among our peers. Results are collaboratively achieved; achievements collectively celebrated.