Ben loves his work because he gets to creatively and collaboratively work with others to help create places that people enjoy and feel connected to.

By providing urban design expertise that blends the highly-nuanced qualities of innovation and pragmatism, Ben helps his clients to achieve public equity, commercial fulfilment and a sense of place.

Now with over 24 years of urban design experience under his belt, Ben joined TBB in 1997 and became a partner in 2003. He holds a Bachelor (Hons) in Urban & Regional Planning from Curtin University and a Master of Arts in Urban Design from Oxford-Brookes in the UK. He is a member of Planning institute of Australia.

Ben was born in the tiny Wheatbelt town of Kununoppin and grew up in the Cable Beach waves and mango orchards of Broome. He now lives with his family in Como.

He is most proud of the Perth City Link and The Village at Wellard projects for their focus on place and responsive design.

Urban design should provide a connection between human values and the physical environment to create places of meaning that people love.

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    Ocean Reef Marina

    The existing Ocean Reef Boat Harbour will transform into a world class marina featuring new residential, commercial, retail, food and…

    Government, Mixed-Use Development
  • Stirling Better Suburbs Urban Renewal Strategy

    An integrated planning strategy for future development in the North East quadrant of the City of Stirling.   …


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