Mark loves that working as an urban planner gives him the opportunity, and responsibility, to create places that provide a legacy for WA.

With 25 years’ of experience in urban planning and design, Mark helps his clients by taking a creative and collaborative approach to create places that are exciting, desirable and enduring.

Mark, a Principal, joined TBB in 2005. He obtained his original tertiary qualifications in Graphic Design which led to a role at a private planning firm. This sparked an interest in town planning and urban design which saw him complete post graduate studies in the field. He is currently finalising his Masters Degree. He is a member of PIA and holds an IAP2 Advanced Certificate in Engagement.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys trying to keep up with his sons whilst blasting through the hills on mountain bikes as often as possible.

He is incredibly proud of his involvement in the unique jewel of Port Coogee and its status as a world class coastal village.

Planning and design provide for the creation of successful places that respond and reinforce their local context to maintain sustainable, characterful and diverse communities.

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  • Source: DevelopmentWA - Shoreline artist impression for illustrative purposes only.
    Shoreline, North Coogee

    Shoreline Estate in North Coogee is a visionary coastal urban community that combines high quality streetscapes and open spaces with…

    Mixed-Use Development, Government
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    Ocean Reef Marina

    The existing Ocean Reef Boat Harbour will transform into a world class marina featuring new residential, commercial, retail, food and…

    Government, Mixed-Use Development

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