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Michael has a passion for how cities are built, and how we can live and thrive in them.  He even practices what he preaches by enjoying apartment living in Perth’s inner suburbs, and walking to work.

Michael has over 18 years in planning, including 7 years in local government before joining Taylor Burrell Barnett in October 2010. He has an interest in seeking best-practice and new solutions to planning challenges. He thrives on tackling the big issues, and helping clients and councils deliver projects that create positive outcomes in their communities.

In addition to his planning qualifications (a Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning with Honours), Michael also has a Graduate Certificate in Project Management, so he is well placed to help his clients with complex projects. He is also a member of PIA.

Michael has a special interest in regional planning and development; environment; transport; and community engagement. He has worked on several solar farm projects and is currently working with a number of clients on incorporating renewable energy integrated with major projects. He has also been involved in the long-standing Ocean Reef Marina and the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct which will serve as a development and testing ground for new and innovative industries. Michael is assisting with the land-tenure and planning for Gascoyne Gateway, which is touted to become Australia’s first ‘green’ port, near Exmouth. Michael has assisted in a business case for trackless trams for the City of Stirling, and a Transit Oriented Development Research Paper for the Property Council of Australia (WA). Michael works on several masterplanned estates including Lakelands Estate in Mandurah, Wildflower Ridge Estate in Chittering, Meridian Park Industrial Estate in Neerabup, GreenView at Karlkurla Estate in Kalgoorlie, and the Carnarvon Fascine Estate.

When he’s not solving planning challenges, Michael enjoys travelling and scuba diving.

We have the opportunity to apply our skills and to lead positive outcomes for our environments, our health, wellbeing and quality of life.

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    Ocean Reef Marina

    The existing Ocean Reef Boat Harbour will transform into a world class marina featuring new residential, commercial, retail, food and…

    Government, Mixed-Use Development
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

    Converting a diesel peaking station to a Battery Energy Storage System in Northam.   …

    Energy, Industrial

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