Claremont Town Centre

The Claremont Town Centre Plan provided a contemporary guiding framework for major private redevelopment plans within the precinct.


Claremont Town Centre intersection 2000
Claremont Town Centre planning
Claremont Town Centre 2000
Claremont Quarter
Claremont Town Centre intersection 2000
Claremont Town Centre 2000
Claremont Town Centre planning
Claremont Quarter

The Goal

The focus on the Claremont Town Centre coincided with the government’s decision to consider redevelopment of the North East Precinct, the central feature of which was the Claremont Oval. They share a common feature – their proximity to the Claremont Train Station; hence they both have a strong transit-based planning influence.

Our Role

Following a government-driven ‘Enquiry by Design Workshop’ (August 2000), we led a multi-disciplinary team to complete a public consultation process and prepare the Town Centre Plan, Development Control Map and Design Guidelines. TBB was also engaged to undertake the initial master planning and urban design of this North East Precinct.

The Outcome

The adoption of the Town Centre Plan had immediate effect.  The development was approved with more height and scale than had previously been supported. The Plan also proved highly valuable in negotiating detailed conditions through the SAT mediation process.

Since that time the Plan has also guided other redevelopments as well as public realm works that have transformed the Claremont Station Precinct from a tired underperforming place into a vibrant contemporary mixed-use village.

Quick Facts

  • Location
  • Timing
    2002 - 2005
  • Client
    Town of Claremont
  • Land Use
    Residential | Mixed Use