Forrestfield High Wycombe Strategic Review

The Forrestfield High Wycombe (Stage 1) Industrial Area Planning Framework will accommodate the development of a high standard, attractive, functional and sustainable industrial area, which will attract a range of businesses eager to locate within the area, offering ease of access to both customers and suppliers.

The Goal

The Shire of Kalamunda commissioned TBB to undertake an operational review of the Forrestfield High Wycombe Stage 1 Structure Plan and Development Contributions Plan. The brief identified key issues associated with changes in planning for the industrial area, the slow rate of development, and landowner dissatisfaction with the development contribution arrangements.

Our Role

TBB worked with the Shire and the landowners to identify the key issues, review the Structure Plan in terms of lot sizes, land uses, and movement network, and the DCP.
As part of the review, TBB ran a comprehensive evening workshop with the majority of landowners. The workshop was undertaken without Shire representation, which enabled for more impartiality in collecting information on landowner aspirations and ideas for changes/improvement, and was generally appreciated by the landowners involved.

The Outcome

The review culminated in a report and presentation to Councillors with recommendations on land use, lot size, movement network and the DCP. A plan outlining the recommendations was also prepared along with recommendations for implementation of improvements.