Taylor Burrell Barnett’s involvement in the Keralup Project has been extensive over the last 8 years, fulfilling statutory and strategic planning, urban design and project management roles.

Keralup is a major strategic government landholding in the South West Metropolitan Corridor acquired with an aim to develop a new town with a potential urban population of 80-100,000 people, with strong connections to the regional road and rail network.

The Department of Housing engaged TBB to lead a multi-disciplinary team of consultants and oversee key milestones such as the delivery of the Keralup Masterplan to express the overall Vision and support District Structure Plan and zoning proposals; preparation of Keralup District Structure Plan; preparation of Keralup East MRS & PRS Amendment request; preparation of Keralup West MRS Amendment to Urban Deferred; and formulation of draft Town Planning Scheme Amendment framework for Keralup West.

Keralup presents some significant planning challenges. In particular, the scale of the project has been difficult for government to rationalise in a regional context with the lack of a current regional planning/transport framework. However, through collaboration and negotiation with the Department of Planning and various other Government

agencies a close working relationship has been established in order to reduce potential risks associated with acquiring statutory approvals and ensuring effective implementation of the project. In this regard, TBB has provided strategic planning support as part of the Department of Planning’s preparation of the Sub-regional Structure Plan.

TBB has coordinated and prepared the draft District Structure Plan and further modifications as information and issues have come to hand during assessment, based on ‘Smart Growth’ initiatives and in accordance with Liveable Neighbourhoods. Sustainable Urbanism has been imbedded in the DSP using world’s best practice.

TBB has successfully negotiated the first part of the statutory approvals process through the preparation and monitoring of the Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment for Keralup West. This was a significant ‘win’ for the Keralup Project and a key milestone for future development and project certainty. Following commencement of the statutory consideration process, TBB monitored and oversaw the prompt adoption of the Amendment.

Project Summary

  • Location:
    Karnup, City of Rockingham | Shire of Murray
  • Client:
    Department of Housing
  • Services:
    Town Planning | Urban Design | Project Management
  • Site Area:
    Approximately 4,000 hectares
  • No Dwellings:
    Approximately 31,600 dwellings
    Commercial Floorspace: 374,200m2 (by 2061)
  • Status:

Project Team

  • Strategen
  • Cossill and Webley
    Civil Engineering
  • Worley Parsons
    Traffic and Transport Planning
  • PDC Engineering
    Urban Water Management
  • Pracsys
    Employment and Economic Development
  • Yates Heritage Consultants
    Heritage Consultants