The Mandurah Ocean Marina provides a vibrant and attractive tourism icon and world class marina facility within the Peel Region. The development has resulted in a mix of land uses that have contributed to the creation of a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment for residents and visitors.

The development of the Mandurah Ocean Marina provided the opportunity to maximise tourism and economic outcomes, to create a destination, and to position Mandurah as more than a day trip destination. Taylor Burrell Barnett has played a key role in the provision of a premier and innovative development providing tourist, marine, commercial and residential components for the local community, which has strong links to the existing cultural and Mandurah town centre precincts.

A key challenge was meeting the community’s needs and expectations. In particular, there were objections to the development by existing long term residents living in a caravan park located within the subject land. This was addressed by the inclusion of a low cost holiday chalet park within the development.

The development was also seen as a major catalyst for employment and tourism, and the provision of a mix of uses and public spaces has resulted in a strong employment and tourist hub.

The Mandurah Ocean Marina contains ‘Venetian’ styled waterways which includes the creation of a narrower system of interconnected waterways for smaller boats, with continuous public pedestrian
access along the waterfront.

Project Summary

  • Location:
    City of Mandurah
  • Client:
  • Services:
    Lead Consultant | Town Planning | Urban Design
  • Site Area:
    62.5 ha
  • No. of Dwellings:
    58 lots zoned Tourism Residential Mixed Use, 138 lots zoned Residential/Mixed Use
    Landuses: Mixed use, commercial, tourism, residential, hotel, short stay tourist accommodation, combined aquatic club, chandlery, boat sales/repairs, Department of Transport, Sea Rescue, Public Boat Ramp, Commercial Fishing Boat and tour operators.
  • Awards:
    2003 WA Case earth Award for Construction & environmental excellence
    2004 Marine Industries Federation: Marina of the Year
    2004 Australian Tourism Marina of the Year
    2004 Australian Club Marina of the Year
    2004 WA Local Government Tourism Award 2004 Marine Industries Federation: Recreational & Tourism Award for excellence in Customer Service, User Facilities, environmental emergency and Maintenance procedures
    2005 Western Australian Marina of the Year 2005 AIPM PMAA Awards Project of the Year 2005 UDIA WA Award for Master Planned Community
    2006 UDIA (WA) Award for excellence – Masterplanned Development
    2007 UDIA (National) Award for excellence – Masterplanned Development
    2009 AIPM WA Project Director of the Year 2009 AIPM National Project Director of the Year 2011 PIANC jack Nichol Memorial Award for excellence in Marina Design
    2011 ULA Asia Pacific Region Best Master Planned Development

Project Team

  • Cossill & Webley
    Civil Engineers
    Waterway Consultants
  • Bowman Bishaw Gorham
    Environmental Consultants
  • Sinclair Knight Merz
    Traffic Engineers
  • Tourism Coordinates
    Tourism Consultants
  • Market Equity
    Market Research Consultants
  • Plan E
    Landscape Architects
  • MP Rogers & Associates
    Coastal Engineers
  • McGees National Property
    Consultants Real Estate Consultants