OneOneFive Hamilton Hill

An ecologically sensitive urban regeneration development, targeting the highest levels of sustainability


The Goal

OneOneFive Hamilton Hill capitalises on the opportunity to develop the important role of quality public spaces in creating communities of the future.

Our Role

TBB have been responsible for:

  • An estate design review;
  • Amendments to the Stage 1 Local Development Plan;
  • Preparation of the Stage 2 and 3 Subdivision Plans and Local Development Plans;
  • An amendment to the Local Structure Plan;
  • Review of the estate Design Guidelines; and
  • Site concepts and design review for individual sites.

As the lead planning consultant, TBB have worked with the project team to ensure the development has site responsive design which considers landform and tree retention in the subdivision layout of the residential estate. Local development plans are utilised to assist in promoting built form outcomes that work to the goal of achieving a NATHERS 7 Star rating.

Key Outcomes

Urban regeneration makes the most of existing infrastructure, including roads, access to public transport, established job opportunities, businesses and health and education facilities. At OneOneFive Hamilton Hill, the regeneration of the former Hamilton Senior High School Site will provide for approximately 300 dwellings with a range of housing typology that capitalise on different building techniques and promote environmental sustainability.

As one of DevelopmentWA’s Innovation through Demonstration Projects, OneOneFive Hamilton Hill is showcasing industry leading site responsive design, environmental sustainability and building techniques.

More information

DevelopmentWA OneOneFive Overview

Quick Facts

  • Location
    Hamilton Hill
  • Local Government
    City of Cockburn
  • Land Use
  • Status
    In Progress
  • Site Area
  • No of Dwellings
  • Certifications
    EnviroDevelopment 6 Leaf

Project Team

Mark Bancroft