An affordable infill development with convenient access to the Kwinana Town Centre.

The Goal

Located at the northern end of the Kwinana Town Centre, and building on the success of the UDIA Award Winning Medina Revitalisation Project, the development seeks to deliver a broader range of modern, affordable housing product.

Our Role

TBB, in collaboration with ZMH Architects, negotiated development, subdivision and survey-strata approval for Multiple and Grouped Dwellings as part of a comprehensive, integrated development proposal.

The Outcome

To accommodate Nicheliving’s financial model (specifically tailored to the delivery of affordable housing), and overcome the deficiencies of the current Strata Titles Act, the project involves an innovative Titling arrangement with strata and freehold lots, with access rights to the total integrated private street network secured via rights-of-carriageway.

The development maintains key pedestrian links through the site. It also delivers a three-storey landmark at the prominent intersection at Berthold Street and Gilmore Avenue.