The Perth City Link is Perth’s most significant urban regeneration project, and the $1.3 billion government investment has connected the Perth City Centre and Northbridge for the first time in over 100 years.

The Goal

The commitment by the state government and City of Perth to sink the Mandurah-Clarkson and Perth-Fremantle rail lines through to Lake Street (completed in 2013), and provide a new underground bus station (opened in 2016), was the catalyst for the redevelopment of the land.

The physical, technical and operational constraints of numerous infrastructure elements presented significant challenges for the Masterplan, as did the effective incorporation of the new Perth Arena.

Our Role

As lead Masterplan consultant, TBB’s Design team has been pivotal in the delivery of a plan that has achieved widespread community support.

The Outcome

The Masterplan results in an innovative, progressive destination bringing together shops, offices, hotels, apartments, parks and plazas, cultural venues, restaurants and bars, whilst retaining and integrating high quality public transport.

TBB also prepared the Design Guidelines, with JCY Architects, and gained approval for the complex three-dimensional subdivision of the land that accommodated complicated transport and services infrastructure, private development under and over public reserves, and flexibility for the changing needs of public and private built-form development.