A mixed use, Transit Oriented, urban revitalisation project associated with the State Government’s Metronet strategy and the new Redcliffe Train Station, in the heart of the City of Belmont.

The Goal

The Redcliffe Station Precinct will be a flagship Transit Oriented Development in the City of Belmont and will develop around the new Redcliffe Station, due to open in 2020.

Our Role

TBB is responsible for town planning and urban design including; Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Structure Plan, Planning Scheme, Design Guidelines and Built Form Codes.

TBB is also preparing a funding strategy to manage delivery of enabling infrastructure.

The Outcome

The project’s vision and design concepts have been generated collaboratively with community and industry reference groups, Government Stakeholders and Elected Members. TBB has upheld the objectives of the vision through the various planning and design stages and coordinated a multi disciplinary team on behalf of the City of Belmont.

The plan for urban revitalisation will accommodate over time a diverse mix of homes, from small single residential lots and town houses, to medium and high density apartment living. Mixed-use and employment-generating land uses will also be encouraged around the station and along Great Eastern Highway. Retained mature vegetation and new urban parklands and plazas will form the centrepiece for community gatherings, passive and active recreation. Connections will be forged with the commercial and retail development springing up at Perth Airport and the nearby Swan River.
The project is now moving towards implementation and TBB is assisting the City in preparing funding strategies and engaging with utility providers to ensure the proposed intensification is serviced and integrated in a timely manner.