Seddon Street Precinct

An innovative, unique and creative strategic planning project, with a mix of offerings to create an activity-based focus for all generations

The Goal

The Local Development Plan will guide the future development of the Precinct by setting out detailed planning, built form and place activation requirements for particular sites, and transforming Seddon Street into a pedestrian friendly town square as surrounding development progresses.

Our Role

Engaged by the City of Subiaco, TBB prepared a best practice Local Development Plan for the Seddon Street Precinct in collaboration with a team of expert consultants, which is supplemented by technical analysis and stakeholder engagement.

The preparation of the LDP was guided by communication and engagement with stakeholders throughout the course of the project, including workshops with key stakeholders and community listening posts. This process established a future vision, key urban design principles and place activation requirements and any other relevant factors that will shape the future redevelopment of the precinct. In particular, this process identified potential public benefits required in exchange for bonus development height and plot ratio, and public benefits that are required as standard development requirements.

Key Outcomes

The preparation of the LDP was guided by State Planning Policy 7.2 – Precinct Design Guidelines (SPP 7.2). The LDP aims to achieve excellent built form and design outcomes, best possible vehicle and pedestrian movement networks, a vibrant and pedestrian focussed town square environment and an appropriate development bonus framework to deliver valued public benefits. It was adopted by City of Subiaco in November 2021 and approved by WAPC in March 2022.

The Precinct vision was developed through a ground-up approach via stakeholder workshops and found strong support by the wider community and City of Subiaco Council.

More information

Download the Seddon Street Precinct LDP

Quick Facts

  • Location
  • Local Government
    City of Subiaco
  • Land Use
    Mixed Use
  • Status
  • Timing
    2020 - 2021
  • Site Area
    2.3 ha

Project Team

Ben De Marchi

Karen Hyde

Jesse Dunbar