Shorehaven, Alkimos is a major Master Planned residential estate that has been designed to respond to the existing natural coastal environment of the Alkimos locality and facilitate the creation of a unique local character and sense of place.

The preparation of the Local Structure Plan and Masterplan included a series of workshops with the project team along with detailed consultation with the City of Wanneroo.

The Shorehaven estate is one of the major residential developments in the northern coastal growth corridor. Taylor Burrell Barnett has been the lead consultant since the inception of the project and has been responsible for the formulation of the design of the approved Local Structure Plan that will guide future development. The design philosophy has sought to preserve and celebrate the existing natural and physical environment, characterised by chaotic parabolic dune formations and the Alkimos wreck offshore, and seeks to achieve the objectives outlined in the Alkimos- eglinton District Structure Plan in providing sustainable and responsible urban growth.

Some of the key features of the future Shorehaven, Alkimos estate are as follows:

  • A pedestrian-orientated Coastal Village Centre, based around a traditional Main St, is to be developed overlooking a foreshore park with shops, offices, cafes and a community beach club facility;
  • The preservation of the existing undulating landform in the future urban fabric;
  • A high amenity pedestrian network, known as the Viggo trail, that will encourage pedestrian movement and social interaction and will link residents with key destinations, such as the Coastal Village Centre and high amenity public open space;
  • A wide range of residential densities and housing types to cater for different housing demands and enabling aging-in-place; and
  • A new Primary School will be developed to service the new community.

The subject land is unusually shaped, being elongated. It has significant coastal frontage, heritage aspects associated with the Alkimos Wreck, geo-heritage in the form of a parabolic dune system and dunal ‘blowout,’ Bush Forever sites and ecological linkages, a potential future rail station nearby and District Structure Plan designations that include a primary school, playing fields and transport infrastructure. These factors combined to allow planning to reflect four highly-connected and accessible precincts across the site including a Transit Oriented Design and Service Commercial area in the eastern portion of the land (capitalising on transport infrastructure, exposure and access) and a Coastal Village precinct. The Coastal Village is to function as a vibrant mixed use centre that offers a range of recreation, employment, entertainment and living opportunities that capitalise on its setting and within a range of innovative built form/public realm responses.