There’s a whole lot to look forward to at Sienna Wood as an outstanding example of sustainable urban development. A place that aims to celebrate community and connectivity – a place where families have all they need to live better, brighter lives. Where a buzzing central community hub will form the heart of a greater residential village connected by beautiful, natural landscaping.

Taylor Burrell Barnett, on behalf of the Department of Housing,/Stockland Joint Venture, are responsible for the Structure Planning of Cell D, F and G Sienna Wood, comprising over 310 hectares of undeveloped land located in the suburbs of Hilbert and Haynes. Sienna Wood is located within the boundaries of Armadale’s Wungong Urban Water Master Plan, an initiative of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, seen as one of Western Australia’s largest and most ambitious urban renewal project.

The Structure Plans were specifically designed and prepared to provide flexibility under the new statutory framework of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, whilst at the same time delivering sufficient certainty in the adoption of key design principles, objectives and strategies that has underpinned the Wungong Urban Master Plan.

The design philosophy centres on a desire to create a unique development which is responsive to the landform, integrated with the existing community, the greater Wungong Urban Water Masterplan area and provides new and existing residents with a strong sense of community identity.

Taylor Burrell Barnett has been the project planner and lead consultant for the Department of Housing and Stockland Joint Venture since 2007.

The site is subject to a range of physical constraints and challenges including a high water table and propensity to flood, the presence of clay soils, buffers to nearby high-impact land uses, interfaces with existing low-density residential areas, remnant vegetation, both the Wungong & Neerigen Brook waterways, and a number of conservation category and resource enhancement wetlands. Understanding and determining appropriate responses to these issues necessitated detailed negotiations with senior staff at the relevant government agencies.

The project also encountered a number of process-based issues associated with the interpretation and implementation of the Wungong Urban Water Redevelopment Scheme and Masterplan.

The adopted strategy for addressing these issues, involving senior management from both the Redevelopment Authority and the City of Armadale in the project’s program of stakeholder meetings, was a critical element in the timely progression of the estate.

Local Structure Plans, Scheme Amendments, Subdivision Approvals, Development Applications and Detailed Area Plans have been achieved or are substantially progressed for Cells D, E, F, and G. Taylor Burrell Barnett remains in regular contact with senior management at both the Redevelopment Authority and the City, utilising our established rapport to help predict, identify, manage and resolve issues potentially affecting the JV’s holdings.

Project Summary

    • Location:
      City of Armadale
    • Client:
      Stockland | Department of Housing Joint Venture
    • Services:
      Lead Consultant | Town Planning | Urban Design
    • Site Area:
      310 ha
    • No. of Dwellings:
    • Commercial Floorspace:
      18,000m2 (including Retail)
    • Status:
      Cell D Structure Plan and Subdivision Applications Approved, Cell E Subdivision Applications Approved and Constructed, Cell F Structure Plan and Subdivision Application Approval imminent.

Project Team

    • JDSi
    • Endemic
    • Emerge
      Landscaping | Hydrology
    • McMullen Nolan Group Pty Ltd
    • Transcore
      Traffic & Transport