Taylor Burrell Barnett

Communication and consultation with community, government and industry stakeholders

Virtually every facet of the urban planning system, from growth strategies to development approvals, now involves engagement with stakeholders and the broader community. Planning and development inevitably bring change to our environments – social and economic, urban and natural. An effective communication strategy will be proactive and positive, and should aim to lead thoughts and conversations. The approach of our Conversations team is to tailor communication and consultation strategies to suit the dynamics of the particular community and the key stakeholders, and to ensure that the information flow is both positive and constructive. Collective Conversations takes a strategic approach ensuring that the community, decision-makers and other stakeholders are engaged from the development of a vision through to final delivery, to ensure the most streamlined project flow.

  • Whole of project Communication and Consultation Strategy
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Community Open Days
  • Digital / Social Media Communications
  • Information Material
  • Engagement with Government Decision-makers

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