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If you are creating places for people, we are place makers who can help you. Our approach to placemaking is simple. We follow a 4-step process which is founded on the ideals of creating sticky places, focused on attracting, retaining, and sustaining.

  1. Places for people – We put all planning, designing and developing through a people focused lens. This isn’t some abstract idea, placemaking goes hand-in-hand with engagement. The people who use the place are often the ones who come up with best ideas on how to improve the place.
  2. Places for investment – Placemaking done right can have positive impacts on investment outcomes for business and residential owners. If the brand of a place is strong, people want to live there, and spend time there.
  3. Places for employment – We look for opportunities to support existing employment and increase new employment and economic innovation opportunities as part of all successful placemaking. From construction jobs during new development builds, to attracting small businesses and entrepreneurs to a vibrant centre.
  4. Places of character – Character of a place is both the tangible and the intangible. It is the sum of natural and built environment and social experiences which create the “feel”. It is the feel that inspires people to return again and again.

Our team work collaboratively with you to visualise, plan and unlock the special features of your place whether it is a single lot, street block, precinct, estate or centre. We help you balance strategy, creativity, and policy to create plans and designs that lead to successful implementation.

Place Vision and Audit

The ideal starting point for a placemaking project is a Place Vision, this is where we collaborate and work through imaginative future ideas, desirable experiences and determine the key outcomes we want form the place we are planning and designing.

In parallel, a Place Audit, where we walk the streets and topography, get to know the local vibe and identify any issues or opportunities to improve on the present is completed. This includes talking to local people about how they use the place and what their perceptions are. This all helps us define the pathway to a successful place outcome.

Place Plan

A Place Plan encapsulates the vision, sets out the essential requirements to activate place and illustrates the connections between the social, economic, environmental opportunities. It harnesses the tangible and intangible qualities that make a great place experience.

Place Activation

A Place Activation Strategy articulates the strategies, actions and implementation plan with roles and responsibilities and optimal timeframes for delivery. It also can highlight the potential for partnerships and other funding sources to help with quick wins and early demonstration.

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