Taylor Burrell Barnett

Plans and strategies for growth around Stations, Centres, Corridors and other special places

Precinct planning – the creation of plans, strategies and policies for growth around special places including transit nodes, Activity Centres and Activity Corridors – has become an integral part of the urban planning process through a strong government focus on Smart Growth. TBB has an impressive track record as urban designers and urban planners producing some of the most influential precinct planning outcomes, providing expertise in spatial planning, urban design, regulation and policy formulation, and community engagement.

  • Assembly and leadership of tailored multidisciplinary teams
  • Opportunities and Issues analysis
  • Spatial Land Use Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Design Guidelines and Local Policy Preparation
  • Communication and Consultation Strategy
  • Funding Strategy
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • 3D Modelling and fly-throughs

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