Taylor Burrell Barnett
Strategies and Schemes

Preparing, reviewing and amending Planning Strategies, Schemes and Policies

Planning strategies and Local Planning Schemes are the cornerstones of planning for future communities and the evolution of our existing ones. The regulatory requirements for these require complex and multi-faceted research and analysis, as well as clear and robust documentation and communication. We provide a highly specialised service that is focussed on preparing, reviewing and amending planning strategies, including Local Planning Strategies and associated housing, employment and social-based strategies. Our team also deals with the preparation of new Local Planning Schemes and Improvement Schemes, planning policies, right down to minor amendments to facilitate development proposals.

Assembly and leadership of tailored multidisciplinary teams

  • Opportunities and Issues analysis
  • Spatial Land Use Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Communication and Consultation Strategy
  • Workshop Facilitation

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