Stirling Better Suburbs Urban Renewal Strategy

An integrated planning strategy for future development in the North East quadrant of the City of Stirling.


The Goal

The Better Suburbs project covers a number of culturally and linguistically diverse suburbs which require innovative strategic planning to overcome growth challenges and deliver opportunities for urban infill beyond key centres and corridors. In particular it has become necessary to:

  • Balance opportunities for housing diversity with non-residential use
  • Encourage increased public transport use
  • Promote increased activity and density around centres and corridors
  • Improve the urban environment and liveability of key areas

TBB were engaged as a result of our track record in establishing productive end-to-end relationships with clients and stakeholders, and for our multidisciplinary approach to planning, funding and community engagement for large scale development and successful project track-record in the City of Stirling. In addition, the complexity of sourcing funding for the type of infrastructure provision which facilitates broad-scale infill is a hurdle the City required TBB’s innovative solutions to overcome.

Our Role

A tailored approach to community engagement was needed to suit the diversity of population represented in the area. Community engagement took the form of listening posts, vision and design workshops and online engagement. This initial engagement phase was undertaken in close collaboration with the City, together collecting and addressing feedback which informed the planning and redevelopment requirements.

The solution to the City’s challenge was the creation of an integrated planning and funding strategy for future development, which involved working on Local Scheme Amendments and policy updates which will promote and guide further redevelopment.

The Outcome

TBB have used the community engagement process to assist in the negotiation of a visionary urban infill strategy and associated Local Planning Scheme amendments, to achieve better activation of centres and corridors and more liveable urban environments. We have also prepared a Development Contribution Scheme for infill development, to address the complex funding challenges of this type of infrastructure project. In this process, TBB and the City have challenged the State Government’s Development Contribution Policy (SPP 3.6), to create a funding model better suited to infill strategies.

The Strategy draws upon the City latent land assets and considers ways in which the City’s forward infrastructure works can support and incentivise increased use of public transport, sustainable centres and new built form typologies for living and working.

The Better Suburbs project is the first significant initiative of its kind in Perth, one in which TBB are utilising deep industry knowledge and experience to apply an outside-the-box approach which addresses the needs of government, community and economic stakeholders.

Quick Facts

  • Location
    City of Stirling
  • Project Area
    Balga, Dianella, Mirrabooka, Nollamara and Westminster
  • Land Use
    Residential, Mixed Use

Project Team

Ben De Marchi

Lex Barnett
Practice Fellow

Karen Hyde

Mark Bancroft

Katherine Shirley